Without us knowing exactly how, the transition towards a planetary civilization within our lifetime is not only necessary, it’s possible.

Welcome to a series of mapping, discovering and cross pollinating the various building blocks that catalyze radical systemic change.

In our hearts we all share the precise knowledge that a life divine on this planet is our joint destiny. ​

As the dominant species on this planet we are called to become stewards for the many generations after us.

#47- Stewarding Wealth as a Force for Good

Explore the complexities of wealth and privilege in this thought-provoking podcast. We tackle the prejudices faced by those born into financial privilege, and how they learn to navigate societal projections. We discuss the misconception that money equates happiness, emphasizing the essential need for emotional connection, which is often overlooked in privileged upbringings. We delve into the dark sides of privilege and highlight the lifelong journey of healing. We learn about the founding of Enclave, a unique organization for next-generation wealth holders, and its mission to create safe spaces for growth. We reflect on the potential for wealth to drive positive change and the evolving role of wealth holders in society. Join us for an insightful conversation on transforming wealth into a force for good and envisioning a future of impactful contributions.

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#46 – Gamifying Planetary Transformation

Discover the essence of planetary transformation through gamification with Adam Apollo, a visionary speaker and CEO of Superluminal Systems. Join the podcast as he explores the concept of play in addressing humanity’s complex challenges and forging new solutions. Learn about Adam’s initiatives, including UNIFY.org, which engages millions in sustainable action, and Superluminal Systems, pioneering education for social change. Dive into CoreNexus™, a groundbreaking 4D Social Operating System designed to gamify regenerative impact and foster collaboration on a global scale. Explore the potential of blockchain technology and Holochain in revolutionizing societal structures. With Adam’s expertise and insights, embark on a journey towards a playful yet purposeful approach to planetary stewardship.

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#45 – Planetary Commons & The Future of Network States

Discover the future of governance and global collaboration with Anastasia Kalinina, co-founder of reState Foundation. Explore innovative approaches to reimagining institutions and accelerating the transition to a pluralistic governance model. Hear insights on conscious leadership, planetary commons, and the intersection of technology and society.

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#44 – Trauma Healing & NeuroBalancing

Explore the world of trauma and NeuroBalancing with trauma therapist Johannes Eisenburger. Uncover the nuances of trauma, survival strategies, and coping mechanisms. Discover the impact of neuro-states on our well-being and the connection between trauma and a dysregulated nervous system. Join the conversation on healing journeys and the pitfalls of the psychedelic renaissance. Plus, Johannes shares his personal journey from adversity to empowerment. Don’t miss this insightful discussion on trauma and neuro-balancing!

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#42 Global Cocreation

Jascha Rohr discusses the power of cocreation as a cultural change technique to address global challenges.

Join Jascha Rohr, a pioneer in participatory design and cocreative processes, as he explores the transformative potential of cocreation. Learn how cocreation can be applied to tackle social and organizational issues at the micro, meso, and macro levels. Discover the challenges and opportunities of cocreative processes and gain practical tips for implementing cocreative principles in your own work or community.

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#41 Exploring Existential Hope

Explore the transformative journey of author and thinker Daniel Pinchbeck, known for influential works like “Breaking Open the Head,” “Quetzalcoatl Returns,” and “When Plants Dream.” Delve into Pinchbeck’s radical honesty, unconventional insights, and bridging of diverse realms. Discover the evolution of his body of work, from paradigm shifts to personal experiences, as he addresses pivotal moments in his books and articles. Gain insights into Pinchbeck’s views on analytic idealism, collective Dharma, and the potential of technology in reshaping societies. Despite acknowledging challenges, find hope in his perspective on reconfiguring our future. For more, visit pinchbeck.io.

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#40 Post-Capitalist Philanthropy

Join Alnoor Ladha in a transformative journey on “Post-Capitalist Philanthropy.” Explore interconnectedness, challenge systemic flaws, and discover the power of collaboration in catalyzing radical change. Unite for a future of healing and justice.

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#39 Paving the Path for a Sustainable Planet

In this episode, we are diving into the world of impact investing – the why, the how, and the transformation that it brings. My guest today, Alessa Berg, shares her journey from starting her first business at the age of eleven, to co-founding Top Tier Impact (TTI), a global network of impact investors shaping a more equal, sustainable, and joyful society. We speak about ESG360, a game-changing platform helping companies make smart decisions for a sustainable future. If you are wondering why impact investing matters right now – this is a great episode to tune into! It’s the key ingredient for the necessary transition towards a planetary civilization. You’re in for an exciting conversation, one that pushes the boundaries to achieve a better world. Join us on a journey to a brighter and more sustainable future.

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#37 Boundaryless – Organization Design for the Age of Ecosystems

Discover the fascinating world of organizational design and platform thinking in this thought-provoking podcast episode. Join us as we explore the evolution of Boundaryless, an organization revolutionizing open-source frameworks for platform design. Learn why traditional boundaries no longer align with the complex web of relationships in today’s enterprises. Delve into the life phases of Boundaryless, including the inception, early years, successes, and failures. Uncover how Boundaryless offers a unique, ecosystemic approach beneficial for regenerative business models. Gain insights into regenerative business models, micro-enterprises, and their role in the Great Transition towards a planetary civilization. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with Luca Ruggeri, Co-Founder & Platform Design Micro-Enterprise Lead. Tune in now!

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#36 – Ingredients for flourishing Democracies

Join us on a transformative journey as we explore the vital connection between personal development and thriving democracies. Discover patterns in societal evolution, tackle global challenges, and envision a hopeful future. Gain insights from visionary Tomas Björkman’s extensive exploration of societal development and learn about promising initiatives for meaningful change.

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#35 – Human System Dynamics

In the most recent podcast episode for Catalyzing Radical System Change, Dr. Glenda Eying and I discuss discovering Human System Dynamics (HSD) and its power to navigate complexity, uncertainty, and chaos. We explore how HSD’s Pattern Logic empowers decision-making and action in an ever-changing world. Join in as we delve into the vision of thriving communities and the legacy of Dr. Glenda Eoyang, the pioneer of HSD.

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#34 – Cerulean Ventures

In this podcast, Jahed Momand, co-founder of Cerulean Ventures, discusses the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology for systemic change and the regenerative economy. He believes that while many people are skeptical or simply interested in making a quick profit, there are meaningful endeavors in Web3 and blockchain technology that can unlock the next $50 trillion in growth and incentivize the regeneration of Earth through new coordination technologies. He also shares examples of real-world businesses that prioritize regeneration and emphasizes the importance of discernment in navigating the Web3 landscape. Cerulean Ventures invests in crypto and Web3 companies building infrastructure and tools to scale climate impact and takes a hands-on approach to help its portfolio with technical, marketing, and operational challenges.

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#33 – The Wisdom of Darkness

This podcast, titled “The Wisdom of Darkness,” explores the practice of darkness retreats, which have been used by hermits and monks for centuries but are now practiced more widely around the world. The hosts share their own experiences with darkness retreats, discuss the background of the practice in different spiritual traditions, and address common misconceptions about it. They also discuss best practices for preparing for a darkness retreat, including considerations for nutrition, exercise, and medication, and address concerns around psychological health and safety. The hosts also delve into the neurobiological correlates of spending extended periods in darkness and how this experience differs from a psychedelic experience. The podcast is led by Severin Geser, a meditation practitioner and astrologer who co-created The Hermitage retreat center in Guatemala.

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#32 Cohere – The Future of Living

Millions of digital nomads live a life many aspire to. The numbers are hard to quantify, but the statistics speak for 16 million digital nomads from the US alone. And over 35 million at least worldwide. And the numbers – especially during and after the pandemic keep rising sharply. They are anticipated to grow to 1 billion people working remotely by 2035. Most of us share the dream of working and living remotely for at least a couple of months per year. And some dream of living in a community as a way of life. In this episode, we will deep dive into Cohere – The Future of Living with Dakotah Apostolou.

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#31 – Tabula Rasa Ventures

With billions of dollars flowing into the Psychedelic Renaissance, in this podcast, we disentangle some of the myths around psychedelics and shed light on how to build the architecture, scaffolding, and governance to use that money wisely. A lot of the capital flowing into the third wave of psychedelics is using the underlying, extractive nature of capitalism to maximize shareholder value. In this episode, we get to know how Marik Hazan, with Tabula Rasa Ventures, is trying to make a difference in the exploding market.

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#30 – Unpacking the Psychedelic Renaissance

This podcast takes a deep dive into the third wave of the Psychedelic Renaissance. The first half of the conversation explores the plant medicines market, how to create a safe and supportive ceremonial space, and a critical exploration of the market at large. We then go to the fringes where Web3 and psychedelics create a whole new realm of value flows, networks, and ultimately the possibility of consciousness itself. This leads to new ways to outcompete the capitalist paradigm.

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#29 – Sustainability beyond the Triple Bottom Line

In this episode, we explore the concept of sustainability beyond the triple bottom line. We discuss the importance of rethinking our business models and moving towards a regenerative paradigm. We also showcase some examples of businesses leading the way in sustainable innovation. Our guest Tariq Al-Olaimy is a Co-founder of a global ecosystem of social and planetary systems enterprises, including 3BL Associates, Diversity on Board, Recipes for Wellbeing, and Public-Planet Partnerships. He is among the first 100 certified biomimicry specialists in the world with a diverse educational background in degrowth, post-growth economics, exponential innovation, investment & financial risk management, and spiritual ecology.

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#28 – Future-proofing Organization for Decades to come

Louise helps leaders make sense of the emergent future and effect change to become more resilient. In this episode, we will look into the ways to make systemic change happen in a business setting. Is it more in the realm of adoption and mainstreaming of less bad (like saving energy, and carbon) behaviour in business? Or is it rather in radically rethinking business models at the core?

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27 Web3 & the Regenerative Renaissance

#27 – Web3 & the Regenerative Renaissance

Stephen Reid is a teacher, technologist, and coach devoted to the flourishing of Life on Earth who has trained in the fields of complexity science, physics, software development, transformational coaching, meditation, and plant medicine. In this podcast, we dive deep into Web3 and Blockchain technology, exploring what meaningful endeavors we see on the horizon that can unlock systemic change.

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Nicolas Rotundo

#26 – Large Scale Ecosystem Restoration

Nicolas often coins himself as a man with a botanical heart and mechanical mind. Looking at the world from a multidimensional perspective from a very early age has led him to solve big problems from the grassroots level. Taking a microscopic look at the economical crisis we are facing and implementing a myriad of disciplines, from biology to investing, sociology, and anthropology to work in ecosystem restoration.

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#25 – Towards a resilient Real Estate Ecosystem

Juan Saldana III is the founder/director of P3 Markets, a deeply conscious commercial real estate development company that applies restorative methodologies to develop valuable and scalable mixed-use assets. In this episode we talk about how to reshape the real estate market into a sustainable real estate ecosystem and what would the leverage be that made us create a future where all stakeholders benefit?

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#24 - Building a Flywheel for the Regenerative Economy

#24 – Building a Flywheel for the Regenerative Economy

Thomas is an ambitious entrepreneur driven by applying science and technology’s power to make the planet a good place. In this episode, we talk about the initiatives, and projects towards that objective as well as the contribution towards making the planet a good place for everyone. His ability to see the bigger picture led to a series of synergized projects that all together are called the flywheel.

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#23 – Emerging Leaders’ Project

Michael Stern is a coach, facilitator, and co-founder of the Emerging Leaders Project, his mission is to support and empower current and future leaders to help humanity navigate the Great Transition and co-create a more beautiful world through synthesizing ancient wisdom, collective healing, and social innovation. In this episode, we will be talking about the current market for leadership, collective intelligence, and wisdom to shape the future of leadership.

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#22 – Collective Trauma Healing

Kosha Anja Joubert serves as CEO of the Pocket Project, dedicated to restoring a fragmented world by addressing and healing personal, ancestral, and collective trauma. She holds an MSc in Organisational Development, is an experienced facilitator, coach, and consultant, and has worked extensively in the fields of systems regeneration, intercultural collaboration, and trauma-informed leadership. In this episode, we will explore how her early years shaped her interest in collective trauma healing and how it resulted in where she is right now. We will go through the nature of the collective trauma, how to recognize it, how to heal it and the people and organizations helping this process.

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#21 – Soulcentric Spirituality

“Incarnation is non-accidental and non-arbitrary.” In this podcast we dive deep into the weeds of spirituality: Why does she focus on soul work and discerns it from those proclaiming that ascension is the answer? We need to embody spirituality as a vessel for spirit in action. We take a critical view of the psychedelic renaissance. Another important topic of discussion will be what can we do to prevent spiritual bypassing, spiritual materialism, and spiritual narcissism?

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#20 – Iboga

Tobias Erny experienced in 2006 the curative power of Iboga. He began to delve deeply into research and work with the sacred wood. Besides helping others to decode its ancient wisdom, he wrote the German-language standard reference book on Iboga, organizes conferences and events evolving around Iboga, and is active as a networker, facilitator, consultant, and speaker for the Global Iboga Therapy Alliance. His mission is to promote and foster spiritual awareness and make Iboga accepted on a broader scale. Besides his activities in Europe & Mexico, he supports a Gabonese NGO which helps to preserve the cultural heritage of Bwiti and the sustainable farming of Iboga. Currently, he coordinates the Iboga program of the Beckley Foundation in Oxford.

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#19 – Pearls of Wisdom

Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD, author of Timeshifting, is cofounder of the Omega Institute and creator and director, and visionary of Blue Spirit Costa Rica in Nosara. He has been teaching Manifest Your Vision for more than 20 years and regularly consults with centers, organizations, and businesses in this emerging field. For decades, he has been involved in developing communities that model sustainable and spiritual dimensions of living a more wholesome and authentic lifestyle.

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#18 – Capital to thrive with the natural World

How do we bring the needed resources to regenerative projects and communities so humanity can thrive with the natural world and what services or products is he supporting to raise our consciousness? How to sketch some of the scalable solutions to begin to thrive with all of nature and this planet. No industry is perfect and for the first time in our podcast series we will discuss the hindrances and obstacles from the regenerative paradigm. Maybe we need less scientism?

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#17 Integral Investing

Our guest has been investing for over three decades now. The market is constantly changing, but we are living in a more drastic transitional era. We will find out what’s her response to that and how her approach has changed over the years. We explore Integral Investing and what makes this framework so meaningful, as the Theta Model implements the Parity between People, Planet, Prosperity – with Purpose and Passion.

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#16 Conscious Investing

The field of investing has changed drastically from 20 years ago. Now we have much more variety of companies with better marketing strategies that attract especially inexperienced investors. So, how can we avoid investing in companies that use various tools for greenwashing? How can we be more conscious when it comes to investing?

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#15 Meditation – Pitfalls, Misunderstandings and Gross Oversimplifications

The market for spirituality is exploding. With massive second order effects kicking in like poor transparency, phony gurus, idolizing and sugarcoating spiritual bypassing. How can we ensure that we don’t use these ancient old techniques to build narcissistic super egos? What role does complementary shadow work play? Why is it important to discern states and stages of consciousness? How can we prevent spiritual bypassing and spiritual materialism?

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#14 Currency Design

Unbeknownst to many currencies have an underlying design. Where this was since the dawning of humanity, an undertaking of the privileged view today with the advent of blockchain technology we see a plethora of initiatives sprouting. For this reason Ferenanda Ibarra and me link currency design to collective intelligence and other vital social factors that help shape the future of the different value exchange methods. As she quotes from one of her very first exposures to the topic: “Neither of you are going to go anywhere if we don’t fundamentally change one thing – the structure of money”.

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#13 The Huni Kuin – Protecting Indigenous Lands in the Amazon

“Protecting the rainforest and protecting the indigenous are one and the same.” 

In this crucial junction of history, bridging indigenous wisdom as well as balancing the masculine and feminine is all the more important.
In the dialogue today with Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling, Founder of Coaching Spirale in Berlin and Founder of Living Gaia, a holistic healing biotope in Alto Paraiso, Brazil. The joint endeavour we are exploring is building a holistic retreat centre in Brazil and preserving the indigenous lands of the Huni Kuin. 

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#12 The Mindfulness Initiative

Mindfulness seems to be everywhere these days. But it’s not often that I see mindfulness connected to politics. Which is exactly what Jamie is doing for many years.
Especially in times of the many divides and the multi-crises we find ourselves in, bridging wisdom traditions and weaving unlikely alliances is more important than ever. “Most large-scale climate action to date has focused upon practical solutions to physical problems. Increasingly however, voices in the sustainability field warn that neglect of inner factors driving the climate crisis leaves theories of change wanting; in part explaining the failure of current policies to deliver adequate response.”

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#11 Investigating Building Blocks towards a Planetary Civilization

Julian Guderley did more than 300 podcasts with artists, industry leaders and philanthropreneurs in the planet’s regenerative movement on his podcast, GreenPlanet BluePlanet. In today’s episode we are exploring: The underlying assumptions and Theory of Change. From social impact over spirituality and culture what’s the undercurrent that glues all these topics together? What of all that you learned are the most important building blocks towards manifesting a planetary civilization?

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#10 Common Misconceptions on Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

Enjoy a critical yet appreciate ride through psychedelic assisted psychotherapy:
Why medicine is not the answer! More medicine is not the answer! There’s a lot of different medicines out there. Choose wisely!
The medicine is but a catalyst. You need to do the work. Be aware – set, setting, dose make a huge difference. 
It’s all about the integration in your everyday life. How can we ensure peak experiences not leading to hyper narcissistic inflated egos?

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#9 Real Estate as a Driver of Change

The title seems almost a contradiction as we see the housing and affordability crisis mainly driven by extractive real estate business models in many metropolitan areas around the globe.
But this is not carved in stone. We can truly sense into the soul of a property and feel into what that space within its given surrounding really wants to serve for. And create the circumstances that enable a broad variety of stakeholders to cocreate a place full of abundance including the arts and take sustainability really to the next level.  

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#8 Facilitating large scale cultural change (#2)

How can we facilitate the many chrysalis cells for the emerging, regenerative paradigm that are so far often not connected, when already aligning groups is quite challenging? We truly need groups of groups that share a common North Star, all while they still pursue their own goals, obviously. This is an undertaking that has never been done before on a global scale. But we know leaps in history are possible, from the abolition of slavery, the women’s liberations movement, the end of Apartheid, the fall of the Berlin wall.

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#7 The Politics of Waking Up

What could be a new way to imagine politics?
In this episode we are diving deep into the weeds of Citizen Action Networks (CAN). We reflect how much of the inner worlds we all inhabit, from the trauma we hold, to the memetic center of gravities that steer our perception of reality, to the culture we need to nourish, for a “Politics of Waking Up”.

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#6 Redefining Money, Value and Impact

We live in times where it is obvious that the current economic paradigm cannot uphold much longer. In this week’s session we are going to focus on very hands-on examples that redefine impact investing, to ensure that the human factor and wellbeing is counted in, as well as sense into intergenerational investment and new ways to create impact through multi-stakeholder relationships, breaking up the barrier between classical philanthropy and impact investing.

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#5 Debunking Meditation as a Panacea for Everything

We are living in a world where meditation has become a commodity and the spiritual market is booming. There is meditation for burn-out prevention, to alleviate stress, to make managers more successful, for better sleeping. It is sold as a panacea for roundabout everything. And exactly that we are going to debunk in this week’s episode.

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#4 Radical Self Coaching & Trauma

Are we collectively traumatized? Isn’t it that almost all of us hold in our lineage victims and perpetrators of war and genocide? Science tells us that trauma is epigenetically inherited for at least three generations.

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#0 Why, How, What, Who?

We need to discover, map, cross-pollinate and weave together the many endeavors that represent the crucial building blocks for the transition towards a planetary civilization within our lifetime.

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Let’s lean into the birthing of a planetary civilization in peace, ecological health and abundance for all sentient beings on this gem of a planet called Earth.

You as a listener and participant will learn how a joyful, creative and persevering attitude will manifest itself into your very own contribution for the great transition ahead.

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