#38 – Alchemy with Alex: Kambo, Psilocybin & Indigenous Wisdom

The conversation focused on personal transformation, indigenous traditions, and working with sacred plant medicine. Alex shares her journey from a career in Western medicine to exploring Ayahuasca and personal growth, specifically with a focus on hosting Kambo ceremonies and working with Psilocybin. 

Exploring Ayahuasca and Kambo Ceremonies

  • Alex’s decision to follow her excitement and leave her career in Western medicine
  • Alex’s discovery of Ayahuasca and the transformative path it led her on
  • Alex’s training in the use of Kambo ceremony after learning about its potential medical benefits
  • Alistair’s curiosity about Kambo and inquiry into Western medicine’s stance on it

Benefits and Risks of Kambo Medicine

  • Discussion on Kambo, a peptide extracted from frog secretion, as a medicine
  • Alex’s personal experiences using Kambo to treat health issues and addiction
  • Exploring the animistic philosophy of perceiving everything as having higher intelligence or spirit

Energetic Centres and Kambo Medicine

  • Alistair and Alex’s discussion on the different energetic centres impacted by Kambo medicine
  • Highlighting the importance of following protocols and disclosing any health issues before using Kambo
  • Kambo’s potency in flushing through the entire meridian system

Plant Medicines and Self-Reflection

  • Alex and Alistair share their experiences with plant medicines, including Kambo and mushrooms
  • Alex’s journey to becoming a mushroom healer and acknowledging the pitfalls of ego leading to burnout

Burnout and Shamanic Training

  • Alex’s experience with burnout, therapy, and shamanic training
  • Exploring the energetic and healing potential of mushrooms
  • Emphasizing the importance of self-work and due diligence when choosing a space holder

Supporting Indigenous Communities and Plant Medicine

  • Discussion on the hosts’ involvement with indigenous communities and plant medicine
  • Emphasis on reciprocity, friendship, and avoiding pedestalizing indigenous people while supporting their communities

Healing Power of Plant Medicine and Consciousness Shift

  • The healing potential of plant medicine and the need for a quantum leap in consciousness and healing
  • Mention of Alex’s potential participation in a music and medicine event in Berlin, pending personal considerations

Alex Pardhy

Alex is a Life Coach and Shamanic Practitioner with 10 years of experience in both allopathic and alternative healing modalities. She qualified as a physician in 2012, practicing for 6 years before leaving to follow the path of alternative healing full time. Alex specialises in coaching individuals in times of transition, working with those who are in the early stages of integrating the rational with more intuitive ways of meaning-making. A strong believer that inner work forms the foundation of global systems change, Alex brings the breadth of her training to support dynamic leaders into deeper authenticity, emotional intelligence and higher purpose; all with the focus of pivoting their lives & business towards social responsibility & Earth stewardship. She is also particularly passionate about the preservation of indigenous wisdom and is an outspoken psychedelic advocate.

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