#9 Real Estate as a Driver of Change

The title seems almost a contradiction as we see the housing and affordability crisis mainly driven by extractive real estate business models in many metropolitan areas around the globe.

But this is not carved in stone. We can truly sense into the soul of a property and feel into what that space within its given surrounding really wants to serve for. And create the circumstances that enable a broad variety of stakeholders to cocreate a place full of abundance including the arts and take sustainability really to the next level.  

Welcome to explore the episode with Frank Sippel, Founder of Real Future, and developer of a bunch of alternative real estate projects such as Holzmarkt and Malzfabrik.

We explore how real estate can be a very hands-on, palpable driver of change, especially doubling down on the new piece to be developed at Fürstenberg an der Havel, only 50 minutes from Berlin central station. Here at Röblinsee, Real Future will build a mixed-use quarter with all its outstanding potential for high location attractiveness. Living, actively on and near the water is the central credo of Quarter Havelfabrik.

Further information on the development of Havelfabrik can be found here.

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#8 Facilitating large scale cultural change (#2)

How can we facilitate the many chrysalis cells for the emerging, regenerative paradigm that are so far often not connected, when already aligning groups is quite challenging? We truly need groups of groups that share a common North Star, all while they still pursue their own goals, obviously. This is an undertaking that has never been done before on a global scale. But we know leaps in history are possible, from the abolition of slavery, the women’s liberations movement, the end of Apartheid, the fall of the Berlin wall.

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#7 The Politics of Waking Up

What could be a new way to imagine politics?
In this episode we are diving deep into the weeds of Citizen Action Networks (CAN). We reflect how much of the inner worlds we all inhabit, from the trauma we hold, to the memetic center of gravities that steer our perception of reality, to the culture we need to nourish, for a “Politics of Waking Up”.

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#6 Redefining Money, Value and Impact

We live in times where it is obvious that the current economic paradigm cannot uphold much longer. In this week’s session we are going to focus on very hands-on examples that redefine impact investing, to ensure that the human factor and wellbeing is counted in, as well as sense into intergenerational investment and new ways to create impact through multi-stakeholder relationships, breaking up the barrier between classical philanthropy and impact investing.

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#5 Debunking Meditation as a Panacea for Everything

We are living in a world where meditation has become a commodity and the spiritual market is booming. There is meditation for burn-out prevention, to alleviate stress, to make managers more successful, for better sleeping. It is sold as a panacea for roundabout everything. And exactly that we are going to debunk in this week’s episode.

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#42 Global Cocreation

Jascha Rohr discusses the power of cocreation as a cultural change technique to address global challenges.

Join Jascha Rohr, a pioneer in participatory design and cocreative processes, as he explores the transformative potential of cocreation. Learn how cocreation can be applied to tackle social and organizational issues at the micro, meso, and macro levels. Discover the challenges and opportunities of cocreative processes and gain practical tips for implementing cocreative principles in your own work or community.

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#41 Exploring Existential Hope

Explore the transformative journey of author and thinker Daniel Pinchbeck, known for influential works like “Breaking Open the Head,” “Quetzalcoatl Returns,” and “When Plants Dream.” Delve into Pinchbeck’s radical honesty, unconventional insights, and bridging of diverse realms. Discover the evolution of his body of work, from paradigm shifts to personal experiences, as he addresses pivotal moments in his books and articles. Gain insights into Pinchbeck’s views on analytic idealism, collective Dharma, and the potential of technology in reshaping societies. Despite acknowledging challenges, find hope in his perspective on reconfiguring our future. For more, visit pinchbeck.io.

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