#6 Redefining Money, Value and Impact

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln


We live in times where it is obvious that the current economic paradigm cannot uphold much longer. In this week’s session we are going to focus on very hands-on examples that redefine impact investing, to ensure that the human factor and wellbeing is counted in, as well as sense into intergenerational investment and new ways to create impact through multi-stakeholder relationships, breaking up the barrier between classical philanthropy and impact investing.

I welcome as guests:

  • Kaitlin Archambault, Founder of Open Future Coalition, weaving a multi-sided ecosystem that mutually empowers us all to be the greatest lever for change by the exchange of capital, skills, & knowledge in service of transparent, measurable impact.
  • Joshua Haynes, Founder of Masawa. Masawa’s Impact Fund invests in early stage founders and their companies revolutionizing mental wellness, primarily in Europe via the Nurture Capital approach. 
  • Indy Johar, Co-Founder of Dark Matter Labs, a strategic discovery, design and development lab working to transition society in response to technological revolution and climate breakdown.

Much like Abraham Lincolm’s quote indicates, we are in crucial times to make sure we build frameworks, templates and applications to reframe the way capital is allocated for a regenerative future for the many generations after us.


Kaitlin Archambault

is a systems architect, designer, creative director, & communications strategist with over a decade of experience growing and leading creative and product teams. In 2021, she founded Open Future Coalition, a social enterprise committed to helping the global impact ecosystem strengthen its collaborative capacity by empowering the transparent exchange of capital, skills, and knowledge. They recently launched Open Impact, a network where impact organizations, donors, & community members can come together to match the right organizations with the right resources to maximize impact. 



Joshua Haynes

has 20 years of expertise in leading systems change, innovation, technology and social impact. He managed $ 190 million social impact funding for the US, Swedish Government, including orchestrating the groundbreaking $ 80 million Civil Society Innovation Initiative (USAID). In 2021, he founded Masawa. Masawa’s Impact Fund invests in early stage founders and their companies revolutionizing mental wellness, primarily in Europe, via a Nurture Capital approach. Masawa’s Nurture Capital Advisory works with purpose-driven funders and investors to maximize their portfolios’ social impact, founder wellbeing, and organizational health for increased sustainable and social returns.



Indy Johar

is a director, designer and architect based in London. He’s the co-founder of multiple social ventures, such as Dark Matter Labs, who are leaders in researching and developing new support frameworks for collaborative system change. He’s a specialist in creating collaborative system change, while working alongside large multinationals,  institutions and guiding their transition to a regenerative economy.



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