as Consultant

I'm your Agent

I sense the future, open doors and proactively catalyze ideas into projects. 

As a broker for virtuous relationships I work on a retainer and equity basis weaving complex multi-stakeholder surroundings together for big causes.

Building strategic relationships needs time.

My offer as Non-Executive Advisor & Ecosystem Weaver works on a yearly retainer basis that matches the financial resources of your organization.

Ecosystem Weaver

The ecosystems I’m weaving are by nature spanning non-profit, for-profit and hybrid business models. They include key players from science, civil society and the economy with a broad variety of values and concepts for a planetary civilization ahead.

Networking effects counterintuitively scale best when we combine complementary values and hold a variety of business models that mutually enrich each other. 

Non-Executive Advisor

I design the venture ahead beyond the business as usual zero sum game. I believe that when we show up with the core codes of our endeavor we are way more likely to reap non-linear networking effects that create abundance for all stakeholders.

I strive doing calls, organizing meetings, pro-actively developing the project. 

I love to get things done. 

Welcome to discover my offer in detail including the price tiers for your organization.

Non-Executive Advisor &
Ecosystem Weaver

My yearly retainer based business model serves your organization to unfold its potential. 

If you want to work with me simply arrange for a meeting.

You are welcome to be my client if we both agree to:​


regenerative business models that heal the many wounds our current economic system is causing


and create new power structures


the divine feminine


collective intelligence and wisdom into our institutions


the the structural exploitation of the global South


away from The Social Dilemma

Why do I choose the word Agent?

As the agent I conspire for you. 

I may hide undercover if needed and fly under the radar to scout but my biggest strength is within the vast field of personal relationships. 

Thus coining myself as the agent truly sets a different tone than the business as usual consultant, that I’m definitely not, nor have I ever been.

What qualifies me as your Agent?

In the last 16 years I’ve always worked on the intersection of strategy, implementation, roll-out and sales weaving an ecosystem of roundabout 5.000 b2b contacts together.

I’ve drilled deep into sustainability, regenerative systems design and bridging non-profit, for-profit and hybrid business endeavors. 

As your Agent I make a couple of claims:

I want to thank Alistair for his accuracy, scrutiny and discretion while organizing the kick-off event for the Integral Impact Investing Initiative at Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich with friendly support by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, DESERTEC Foundation and the Cleantech Circle.
Dr. Mariana Bozesa, PhD, Dipl.-Inform
AQAL, AG, Founder & Board Member, Club of Rome, International Full Member
Alistair is a wake and resourceful companion while developing, realizing and putting to market new projects. He’s always been able to respond with a perspective that spurs the overall process. His network and ideas have been proven of high value. His heart, guts and brain are well connected and he shines with flexibility, creativity and is always able to communicate complex issues in a fun and condensed way.
Joachim Kamphausen
Founder & CEO of Kamphausen.Media
Alistair is a highly compassionate and enthusiastic networker and community organizer. He is deeply concerned for a positive development of individuals and the world and brings a deep knowledge of integral theory, wisdom traditions and metamodern philosophy into every dialogue. I can highly recommend to let you inspire by Alistair!
Jascha Rohr
Founder & Director, Institute for Participatory Design
Alistair is full of energy, versatile and flexible! It has been a joy knowing and working with him! He is particularly talented in sensing the market fit and delivering strategic plan of action for pioneering sustainable products!
Darshita Gillies
Founder & CEO: Maanch, Board Director, Impact Investor, Philanthropist
I’ve cherished Alistair’s scrutiny, his lateral thinking, delivery on the job and creative problem solving in the various functions he held as editor in charge and head of marketing in the five years of establishing Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften up from scratch, from 2007-2012. He was building a solid data base of 2.500 international b2b contacts via cold calls and direct acquisitions on trade fairs as well as representing the magazine to stakeholders in the field of corporate social responsibility, politics and non-profit at various events.
Fritz Leitsch
Founder and CEO Forum Nachhalting Wirtschaften
It is increasingly important to bridge and connect the emerging networks and collaborations of the world - Alistair is a beautiful and natural connector focused on the potentiality of the relationships with massive integrity.
Indy Johar
Co-Founder & Executive Director at Dark Matter Labs

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