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I strongly believe that growth best happens when we align within a group that holds and supports us.

I created the 77 Days Next Level Business Challenge format because modern brain science shows us that you need at least two full months to successfully and permanently change a pattern or install a new behavior in your life.

With my Matchmaking & Positioning offers I accompany you one-on-one to make sure that your purpose finds the right fit in the market.

77 Days
Next Level Business

What’s the next version of your contribution? The “77 Days Next Level Business Challenge“ teaches you how to position yourself better, have fun whilst doing so and earn more money with the things you love.

Welcome to discover my offer in detail including the price tiers for accompanying you one-on-one.

Matchmaking & Positioning

With my Matchmaking & Positioning offers I accompany you one-on-one to make sure your purpose finds the right fit in the market.

If you want to work with me simply arrange for a meeting.

Welcome to be my client
if we both agree to:


to inner work to reach impact on the outside world


the various parts that make us human


body, mind, spirit and shadow elements


to a process of life long learning


vulnerability for true strength


spiritual bypassing to root in Mother Earth

Why do I choose the word Companion?

Frankly speaking because I prefer it to the word coach. It’s broader, deeper, more compassionate, accessible and refers to the fact that my companionship with you is intended to last longer than our coaching contract. I truly believe that we can consciously hold various roles for all that makes us human.

What qualifies me as your Companion?

Well, I’d say, bluntly put the resonance. In between you and me. And the field in between us. That is all the more true for the curated, by-invitation-only cohorts within the context of the 77 days challenge.
My Matchmaking & Positioning offers you an organically grown ecosystem out of 14 years of working at the core leverage points for systemic change with a broad variety of stakeholders and roundabout 5.000 b2b contacts.

As your Companion I make a couple of claims:

For anyone in the need of a jump start of their goals, visions and dreams - Alistair masters balancing between challenging and nurturing; then whipping your ass and celebrating your wins. Be that in business or in life - a coach with a more holistic perspective is hard to find.
Tove Winiger
Sustainability Manager at FORIA
The program is well structured and an exceptional value. Alistair taught me new frameworks for thinking about my life and setting goals. He introduced me to a number of practices as well as professional and business opportunities. He also made personal introductions to a more than a dozen deep thinkers and heavy hitters in his network.
Daveed Benjamin
The "77 Days Challenge" is an amazing opportunity to work on your professional and personal development embedded in an exciting peer group. Alistair is an empathetic and mindful guide through various theories and approaches.
Ruth Williams
General Secretary Verband für gemeinnütziges Stiften
I have a profound admiration and respect for Alistair, his wisdom, his humility, his deep commitment to his work, and his ability in helping people master the principles of wholeness. I very much recommend him to whoever wants to go on a journey of renewal of self. As a consultant, he has great skills and knowledge on mentorship and spiritual guidance Alistair is one of the most beautiful teachers I have ever met. I am inspired by his deep awareness of mindful living.
Konkankoh Joshua
African Elder & Social Entrepreneur
Alistair is an empathetic coach, he is down to earth as well as spiritual and also a good community builder. His 77 Day Business Challenge has an unconventional approach, which was highly effective for me, as it facilitated decision making through confrontation with alternative realities.
Anna Van Wassenaer-Golla
Alistair's 77 Days Business Challenge was a massively inspiring, connecting and energy inducing experience. He embodies this experience, his progressive values and his lust for creating a paradigm in how we are doing business and showing our gifts to the world. Highly recommended to anyone ready to move to the next level of expansion!
Rouzbeh Tavakkoli
Executive Coach & Transformational Consultant
I was participating in the "77 days" of Alistair. It was perfect timing for me as I was about to start my own business. Alistair is a super-fast thinker and hits the core of things pretty accurately by asking the right questions. The group sessions have accompanied Alistair's coaching with a uniquely diverse and open mindset that allowed me to capture new ideas and get clearity on what was already surfacing.
Andreas Fauler
Accelerating Execution
Alistair is a one-of-a-kind person, full of energy and ideas, equipped with great knowledge. This energy and spirit were a much-needed boost for me during the initial phase of my business. I highly recommend the 77 Days Next Level Business Challenge for everyone who needs that kick in the ass and get s**t done. You will get a lot of knowledge, get to know different tools and frameworks, and gain new perspectives on yourself, your life, and your project. Best of all: you will also connect with like-minded people in a similar position in a supportive space and that is super inspiring!
Julia Marczi
If you want to break through to your next stage of thriving, impact and prowess in business development work with Alistair. His rigorous, energetic, caring and professional way of being and doing are unique and fantastic. The Business Challenge helped me to keep impact first, while launching, marketing and conducting a new service.
Adrian Röbke
Co-Founder Indigenous & Modern
The 77 Day Business Challenge was a real game changer for me, in numerous areas of my life. I realized how strongly intertwined my business is to my personality, how it is inseparable connected to every decision I make on a professional level. It was not only a journey to detect my potentials, now l also know what I need to do in order to get into a productive flow with my business. It was a journey to better understand who I am and why, to set clear intentions for my future and to really get moving. Thank you Alistair for your dedication to your path, for your openness and vulnerability, for the amazing input and inspiring contacts!
Laura Schwickerath
Actress & Stage Coach
I participated in Alistair’s’ 77-Day Business Challenge in the Spring of 2021. For anyone considering their next move in life, be it creative or professional, Alistair offers many tools and exercises during the first weeks of the program to help you reflect upon where you are and what new or refined offer you can make to the marketplace. I really appreciate that these tools continue to be available to me after the 77 days, as I need to go back and work on my 7-year plan and refer back to the insights from my Ikigai. Alistair has done an excellent job of assembling not only the tools and exercises, but also curating a cohort of conscious leaders. In fact, having the support and comradery of the cohort, with weekly buddy calls, kept me motivated and inspired by the ideas of others. I look forward to additional coaching sessions with Alistair.
Peter Wolff
Founder Evolutionary Action Learning
I was a part of the cohort of the 77 Days Next Level Business Challenge. It was an enriching and inspiring journey, during which I understood many things about marketing, self-management and performance. Each meeting of the 77 Days Challange was full of novelty of tools, references and encounters. The format, which consisted of a weekly group, and 1on1 sessions was balanced and filled with care and creativity. I felt guided and held by Alistair and my peers, I especially enjoyed the integral approach to business, and the intimate experiences of working in breakout rooms and exchanging diverse perspectives on the given topics. Now, one month after the completion of the cohort, I still have lots to learn from the content that was offered. I know that that many of the tools I learned during the challange will help me to align with my purpose throughout my life. I sincerely recommend this experience to anyone who is willing to broaden their perspective on life, and especially business relations. A truly soul-based, educational experience. Thank you
Jo Vávra
Experience Designer
Imagine, you went out with great friends for dinner to eat buffet. But, the buffet is curated and suits your needs. Take as much as you need, have a great time with your friends who support and hold you. Alistair was all the time there to sparkle the discussions and the insights. The 77 days went just too fast. Thanks for this extraordinary experience.
Boris Lebedev
Tiny House Pioneer
Alistair is great to work with. He‘s focussed, dedicated, humorous and quick. He walks his talk and brings fresh ideas. It was a rich experience to be part of his 77 day challenge.
Kaa Faensen
Partner Fraendi
Alistair's 77 day challenge really was a great, skillfully integrated mix of inner life reflection and outer productivity hacks delivered in a fun and energetic way with a great supportive peer group. It got me remaking my relationship to work and my view of myself. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to see, create, and re-create their life as a whole.
Liam Kavanagh
Research Lead Life Itself
Time to walk your talk or get real with those dreams of yours? Then I really recommend the 77-day challenge! As a coach, Alistair is excellent at getting you to walk your talk. He is also brilliant at putting together peer groups, supporting each other to grow and make each other shine through a culture of abundance.
Sanna Rådelius
Transformation Catalyst
Alistair is a "whole in one" connector of worlds, wisdoms and humans. playful but focussed and with a high dose of networking power and personal empowerment know-how.
Thomas Hann
Cooperative Expert
Alistair is a true connection wizard. With his coaching and a wonderful cohort, I did change my inner perspective and can lighten up things for myself to guide my outer actions.
Anja Gossens
Innovation Lead Staatsoper Unter den Linden
I am so grateful and honored by the space that you created for us on the 77 days, allowing me and the other amazing participants to make a journey of self-love, self-discovery, empowerment, engagement with our Higher Self, our goals and opening our perspectives, minds and visions. You are a wizard of holding space, you made us reflect, go deep, laugh, cry, open our hearts and minds, dream, plan, align and celebrate together.
Inês Guerreiro Lourenço
Integral Coach
My 77 day encounter with Alistair changed my life. If I had to find the appropriate language for the Ali effect I would say he’s the perfect Yangster to my essentially Yin way of acting. By this I mean while I have always focused my energies on creating the conditions for change to happen – personally, socially, globally – Alistair helped me to bring them to the surface in concrete interventions at the right level. This included making real an integral life practice – diet, exercise, reflection, action – to being bold enough to launch a dream project. Add to this the network of global entrepreneurs that Alistair can match-make with and the value is immeasurable.
Indra Adnan
Co-Initiator at The Alternative UK
During the 77 Days challenge, Alistair made me feel seen where I was at, really encouraging the mandate for the journey to come from my true self, rather than what I think I should be aiming for. This made goals manageable in a way I had not experienced yet. And once that was set, he was both gentle and methodic enough so I could actually try out new habits without getting side tracked by excuses. This has created a blueprint for setting myself up for success - a blueprint for how I can gain confidence for what my heart needs and wants to bring to the world. Alistair’s joyful and deep approach to people and life were a great inspiration and attracted a lovely peer group for the journey. I am full of gratitude for this offering.
Alexandra Robinson
Associate Partner Frændi

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