77 Days Next Level Business Challenge

What’s the next version of your contribution?

This challenge is right for you if you want

  • to become independent, self-reliable
  • to make a difference with your contribution
  • feedback on your positioning, niche, business model, pitch
  • to train yourself to sell and earn more money
  • to position yourself ahead of the bell-curve
  • to build an ecosystem of stakeholders that align with your cause
  • to make your success sustainable
  • to get things done
  • peak-performance, flow and impact

The format is a curated group setting where a save space meets bootcamp and incubator.

What's the offer?

In my 14 years long consulting career I’ve always worked on the intersection of communications and sales. I’ve clocked in tens of thousands of hours of sales and made more than 5.000 b2b contacts internationally. And this, I’ve always done committing my values for the future of the generations to come. 


I’m your sparring partner to bridge for-profit, non-profit and hybrid business models.


If you want to sell yourself, your product and services or refine your pitch, I’m your man. 


I’ve quadrupled my income per time spent in the last 10 years and enjoy a life contributing from the core of my purpose and my passion. So can you. 


I’m a dedicated social entrepreneur and political activist. I truly believe that we all should strive to making this world a better place. All while earning a decent income. 


Building complex multi-stakeholder relationships and weaving them together for large scale systemic change is my passion. I reckon I got a good couple of contacts that make a difference for you!

Out of the broad international network I got, I curate 12 people only to start on this journey together. 

The “77 Days Next Level Business Challenge“ will teach you how to position yourself better, have fun whilst doing so and earn more money with the things you love.

What makes this offer unique

We are consciously dedicating time to really weave our concepts, contacts and projects together to achieve greater impact than we could alone

Call it challenge, bootcamp or incubator, modern brain science shows us that we need an average of at least two months to be able to establish a new habit.

Apply to be part of the "77 Days Next Level Business Challenge"

until July 11, 2021.

The challenge starts July 12.

77 Days Next Level Business Challenge

You hold yourself accountable to:


The 77 Days are highly customized to you one-on-one and the group

    • The below order of the weeks and the topics have grown out of experience.
    • Yet, both the order and the topics are highly customizable.
    • I recommend you browse through my Youtube Channel and get a glimpse on what you want me to serve you.
    • You and the group will vote those items into the group and one-on-one setting that best fit you!

Discover my videos on:

Week 1

Quantified Self – the truth and some lies

    • Specific Measurable Action oriented Realistic Timed – SMART Goal Setting
    • Where do you stand? Where do you want to go?
    • What are you able to measure and where do you have to trust in the flow of things?
    • Committing and holding yourself accountable to the group.
    • What are your goals for this 77 days?
    • Committing to weekly sprint planning 

Week 2

Purpose – What makes you getting up every day and fuels you from your core?

  • Applying the Ikigai-model to where you’re standing in your life. 
  • Beyond your individual purpose, what is your transpersonal perspective on your life span?
  • Life is short! Be aware that you quite exactly have on average 29.000 days in total in this lifetime to life your dream.

Week 3

Minimum Viable Product

    • What is your minimum viable product?
    • What could you „bounce“ out and test with real customers
    • What delivers a value add without you having to invest a ton of money and too much time to craft it?
    • I recommend that you create value add as soon as possible.

Week 4

Minimum Viable Audience

  • The minimum viable audience represents the smallest possible audience that can sustain your business as you get it started from your niche.

  • That means going to extremes and finding the smallest subset of a market. Allow yourself to zoom into the reality of the ones you truly want to attract.

Week 5

Ahead of the Bell Curve

  • If you want to niche your offer don’t wait. The early adopters might already lurk around the corner.
  • Be brave, be crazy, be authentic. If you don’t do it now somebody else will do it before you. And maybe someone less dedicated than you and just better in marketing.

Week 6

Price is just a story

Do you find yourself sometimes saying „They won’t pay me for that“?

  • Do you think you don’t get a decent price for your service or product? Do you struggle to set up a price that is decent?
  • Price is just a story. It’s ultimately about fine tuning your offering with the market out there. It does not really depend on the offer you got. It depends more on the quality of your offer, on the competitors and most of all of you just asking for the right price that fits your story.

Week 7

Spiral Dynamics

  • Spiral Dynamics is a model that you can apply to detect the values of your customers, the market, your niche, your partners etc.
  • I personally apply the model since 17 years and find it greatly helpful.
  • Trigger warning: I truly think this model is often also abused and taken to superficial.

Week 8

All critics are right, all critics are wrong

  • Does everybody love you? No? Does everybody criticize you? No. Should you care too much about your critics? Definitely not! Should you discard everything they are saying? Definitely not.
  • It’s a plain and simple fact that with everything you do – and even with everything you don’t do – you will always have people loving you for it and people that criticize you.

Week 9

Your Legacy

  • Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.
  • You are way more powerful and can make way more a difference with almost anything you can imagine if you carefully plan and strategize for the long term. And, if you then skillfully craft and execute the pieces along the way. And if you don’t give up on your north star. 

Week 10

Why we need a basic integral map to navigate complex territory

    • AQAL – as a minimum viable orientation
    • Spiritual Bypassing – Why sugarcoating bullshit is still bullshit.
    • An invitation to shadow work – getting real with each other.

Week 11

Yourself and the world – Why are you doing all this and what do you want to contribute?

  • Are you clear with your purpose and contribution?
  • Can you nudge and tweak it a little to shine brighter?

Are you ready for the 77 DAYS NEXT LEVEL BUSINESS challenge?

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