77 Days 
radical transformation

cross-training body, mind,
spirit and shadow

Life can be imagined like a hologram.

Every part you change in that hologram changes every other part.

You will learn how to design, implement and effectively cross-train the various areas in your life to achieve peak performance, flow and impact.

You want radical transformation?
Like, for real?
You want to unleash your full potential?
Live from your essence?
Share from your core?
Light and inspire others?
Make a difference?

That‘s all totally possible:
When you go where the pain is.
Not avoid it but stay in the fire.
Use it to transmute from your innermost.

Whatever it is for you that shields you from your pain is where your liberation lies.

I‘m your companion and alchemist – the portal through which you can manifest your wildest dreams come true.

25 years of meditation, 14 years of therapy, 12 years of work with plant medicines like Ayahuasca, Peyote, Iboga have made me find home within me.

What's the offer?

Imagine how much of a difference 77 days in your life can make. 

Modern brain science shows us that we need an average of at least two months to be able to establish a new habit.


You will transform in these 77 days through 11 one-one coaching sessions, one psychedelic intervention, and weekly complementary home work on the foundational frameworks. 


As a trained ballet dancer I know how to keep optimum health, training both flexibility and strength. I teach you how to find the right diet, workout, biohacks and routines so that you enjoy peak-performance and flow in your everyday life.


I recommend you update or deepen the knowledge about your operating system to an integral and metamodern framework. I offer you in depth knowledge in Spiral Dynamics and AQAL. I curate the newest findings in neuroscience, psychology, economics and sociology.
Your mind should be a willful servant and not the master in your system.


My 25 year long background in Zen, Vipassana, Christian contemplation and plant medicine serves like a compass for you to find the right ways to establish or deepen your spiritual practice.
Training your spirit through a dedicated meditative practice will define how bright your North Star shines and guides you through this life.


Healing my own Post Traumatic Stress Disorder throughout a 14 year long journey allows me to intuit the pitfalls and loopholes that hold you back from unfolding your full potential.
We will work on your shadow side to shed light on the repressed parts that hold you back from living your full potential.

I offer you a broad buffet of interventions and techniques to establish or deepen peak-performance, flow and impact. 

The framework we are using to unlock your potential is called Integral Life Practice.

You will break through the barriers that hinder you, as well as design, reach and maintain peak performance in key areas of your life.

What makes this offer unique

The intersections where you cross-train body, mind, spirit and shadow create long and lasting effects in your everyday life. 

I blend coaching and shamanism to alchemize your pain into fuel for transformation.

From your innermost you will access unforeseen new sources of energy, joy and creativity that will permeate your everyday life.

I invite you to not shy away from intense processes. Life itself is a rocky road. 

But you can learn to navigate even the toughest circumstances with grace.

Discovering, designing and  maintaining an Integral Life Practice is key for unlocking and being nurtured by the undistinguishable flame from your core. 

Schedule a session to get to know me.

I’m curious what power wants to unfold through you.

The process design for 
77 Days radical transformation

these are the ingredients for radical transformation

Radical self-responsibility

11 one-on-one coaching sessions

one psychedelic intervention

ongoing psychedelic integration

weekly home work on the frameworks


The 77 days are highly customizable to you

The below order of the weeks and the topics have grown out of experience.

Yet, both the order and the topics are highly customizable.

I recommend you browse through my Youtube Channel and get a glimpse on what you want me to serve you.

Discover my videos on:

Before we embark on these precious 77 days together, you’ll choose and vote those items into the setting that best fit you. But obviously also during the weeks, we’ll adjust with the process and the momentum of what best serves you.

Week 1

Integral Life Practice – How to implement your practices into key areas of your life

  • You will learn how to design and implement an Integral Life Practice.
  • Body – Mind – Spirit – Shadow: Where does your system still leak energy and what can you do very practically to fix the leakage?
  • Applying the 80:20 rule, what could be the pattern interrupt that would drastically improve your every day life?

Week 2

Meditation – How to navigate the complexity and alter your everyday autopilot consciousness

  • If you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, this week is dedicated to meditation and altered states of consciousness.Micro-meditations during the day to change your brainwave patterns.
  • Learning to differentiate between states and stages of consciousness.
  • Getting to know binaural beats.

Week 3

Biohacking – How to get the best out of your body-mind-system

  • Have you ever reflected on your diet, your sleeping patterns? What type of workout suits you best?
  • Eat – Train – Work – Sleep – Repeat
  • What are simple hacks to improve drastically your performance?

Week 4

The Chakras

Do the chakras exist? I don’t know! But I know that as an abstraction and as a guiding metaphor, working with them has greatly helped to integrate the various aspects of myself.

In this video I’m guiding you through my understanding of what the basic functions and healthy as well as unhealthy aspects of the chakras are. 

Week 5

Memento Mori

Nothing is more certain than death, and nothing more uncertain than the time of dying. Every moment is precious. If you believe in reincarnation or visiting the afterlife in the heavens or none of it, what counts is this life.

So instead of trying to avoid the unavoidable, allow the „memento mori“ to permeate your days consciously. Try to befriend death as a teacher, as a guardian angel. You may have 40, 60, 80, 100 years on this planet? Truth be told, you don’t know. Make use of it wisely. I recommend to lose fear of death as a constant quest.

Imagine yourself on your deathbed and then backcast from it. Aim high. Leave a legacy. You will die anyway. That’s for sure.

Week 6

The Psychedelic Experience

  • We will embark on a journey into the unknown. 
  • I’m the guide accompanying you into it, whilst you’re in the zone, as well as as being present for the integration afterwards

Week 7

Shadow Practices

  • I recommend combining meditation or other spiritual techniques with shadow practices like psychotherapy, constellation work, body work, somatic experiencing etc.
  • We will explore the pitfalls and loopholes that drain your system of energy and provide guidance for healing.

Week 8

Why we need a basic integral map to navigate complex territory

  • The AQAL framework commonly refers to a body of theory and practice after Ken Wilber and others.
  • I’d coin myself an integral heretic yet I’m totally convinced that knowing and holding the framework will update your operating system to a whole new level.

Week 9

Spiritual Bypassing

  • Healthy and unhealthy transcendence are not the same.

  • We will explore that being connected to all emotions and act accordingly depends on the circumstances.

  • Whatever is the way to unlock your potential, make yourself responsible for crafting it out of yourself.

Week 10

Your Legacy

  • Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.
  • You are way more powerful and can make way more a difference with almost anything you can imagine if you carefully plan and strategize for the long term. And, if you then skillfully craft and execute the pieces along the way. And if you don’t give up on your north star 

Week 11

Peak Performance, Flow & Impact

  • You want peak performance in your life? Then you need to design your everyday life around it. And take that seriously.
  • You need to carefully plan for it. You need the right nutrition, exercise, Integral Life Practice, time to rest, recover and meditation for it.


$ 4,777
  • This is not for the faint of heart.
  • These 77 days are a portal to your next way of showing up in the world.
  • Prepare for 11 one-on-one kick-ass coaching sessions.
  • There are many possible psychedelic interventions. They say: It's not you finding the medicine, it's the medicine finding you.
  • You get the most out of the process if you dedicate one to two hours per week for the home work.
  • You get daily access via messenger to me.
  • We make sure we find the custom tailored process that fits your circumstances.
* Cryptos are welcome. Simply check with me for options.
I've been strugging my whole life with my full name. I'm grateful for the breakthrough I received in ceremony and the way it helped me to position myself with my offers.
Andrew Devon Hall
Web3.0 Strategic Consulting
I know Alistair for many years and cherish his warm heart coupled with scrutiny in the process. Like many men these days I often struggled to find an authentic way to express myself - not playing the Alpha male but also not shying away from my strength. Clearly the ceremony has helped me to integrate these polarities.
James Redenbaugh
Founder Iris Cocreative
Alistair has a deep mastery of the human condition as it applies to leadership in business and life. The best leaders invest in outstanding coaches and I place Alistair firmly in that category. He is kind, intentional, intelligent, efficient and effective. He will be in my inner circle for the rest of my life.
Juan Saldana
Principal at P3 Markets

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