#44 – Trauma Healing & NeuroBalancing

It seems our culture appropriates, wraps and repackages almost anything it can get its hands on. So, after yoga, meditation, plant medicine, the newest buzz word seems to be trauma. But beyond it being – in my eyes often banalized – what is actually trauma? And how does it relate to NeuroBalancing?

It’s my great pleasure to be in this virtual room together today with Johannes Eisenburger, one of my closest friends and a trained trauma therapist. So, like always in this podcast series, before we dive into the topic itself: What were the pivotal moments in your life that made you the human being that you are – and how do they relate to the overarching topic of today?

  • Let’s start defining trauma: The difference between shock, developmental and attachment trauma.
  • Survival strategies and coping mechanisms.
  • Your near death experience and the biggest aviation accident in German history.
  • Why do people – depending on the depth of their trauma – continuously retraumatize themselves?
  • The Drama Triangle – and how to break free of that vicious cycle.
  • Our healing journeys: Let’s share some commonalities in our healing journey (shock trauma) and maybe also some differences. Especially where the different modalities helped us.
  • Neuro-states dictate how we feel, think and engage with the world.
  • Nervous system eats strategy for breakfast.
  • How does trauma relate to a dysregulated nervous system?
  • The dark side of the psychedelic renaissance, like psychosis or spiritual narcissism.
  • Choose your guides wisely!
  • Finally – why did you consciously coin your work neuro-balancing, instead of trauma healing?


Johannes Eisenburger

Emerging from a backdrop of profound adversities and enlightening triumphs, Johannes has woven his life challenges into a powerful narrative of empowerment, passion, and transformation. His journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to not just survive but thrive in the face of adversity.


Johannes’ story takes a profound turn when he faced a near-death experience following a severe accident. In that moment, he journeyed into the light, encountering his grandfather and experiencing a profound sense of peace. This encounter with the divine shifted his perspective on life and death, dispelling his fear of mortality.


Motivated by a desire to break free from societal pressures that emphasized outer achievements over inner authenticity, Johannes embarked on a path of self-discovery. He discovered an innate ability to read people and situations, adapting himself to societal norms to seek validation and love. Like many, he wore a facade to navigate life’s challenges, concealing his true emotions beneath layers of achievement, overthinking, and relentless activity.


However, life’s inevitable trials struck with the loss of two close friends to cancer, both within the same week. Johannes found himself falling into a deep well of suppressed sadness and pain, leading to a profound period of depression. It was in this dark abyss that he confronted his inner demons and began the transformative work of healing.


Johannes’ journey shifted from running and escaping to facing his shadows head-on. He took responsibility for his emotions, setting him on a path of profound personal growth. From pain emerged purpose, and Johannes emerged from his trials as a beacon of resilience, strength, and authenticity.
Today, Johannes draws upon his personal experience and expertise in somatic trauma-therapy to guide high-achieving entrepreneurs, helping them confront the immense stressors of rapid business scaling. He is an expert in navigating trauma, transforming it into a source of strength and wisdom.
Johannes’ story is a testament to the power of facing one’s deepest fears and emerging stronger, grounded, and purpose-driven. He is here to hold space for those on their own transformative journeys, helping them unlock their truest nature and joy in life.




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