#21 – Soulcentric Spirituality

“Incarnation is non-accidental and non-arbitrary.”


  • In this podcast we dive deep into the weeds of spirituality:
  • The perspectives, cultures, traditions, and frameworks that make her approach unique are a synthesis of Eastern spirituality, shamanism, embodied practice, psychedelics, and permaculture.
  • Why does she focus on soul work and discerns it from those proclaiming that ascension is the answer? 
  • We will critically embrace the integral model.
  • Review shadow work and why it is such a crucial component usually overlooked by spiritual practitioners.
  • We need to have an understanding and discernment of stages of consciousness – especially taking into account her critique on the integral model that needs to loop back to indigenous wisdom to not colonize those traditions that are still with us since ancient times.
  • We need to embody spirituality as a vessel for spirit in action.
  • We take a critical view of the psychedelic renaissance. Whereas there is a huge wave of people doing plant medicine, I personally see too little integration into everyday life. Also, there are way too few offers in terms of integrating those peak experiences. Also, truly we need preparation for these intense, transformational spaces to really stick. Thus, the psychedelic sacraments are in danger in consumerist societies to be abused instead of unlocking their potential. Apart from that, a lot of the sacred medicines, from Ayahuasca to Peyote are threatened by extinction, which is alarmingly concerning.
  • Another important topic of discussion will be what can we do to prevent spiritual bypassing, spiritual materialism, and spiritual narcissism? Especially in the last years instead of people getting “rid” of their ego, we see supercharged egos, using microdosing to quench out the last bit of efficiency and genius in work life.

About Samantha Sweetwater

Samantha Sweetwater stewards the systems, meta-stories, and souls that make us human. She is a speaker, executive coach, corporate shaman, and founder of One Life Circle, a plant medicine ministry tending truth, love, and the continuity of life. She serves as the culture director of Holos Global, is on the board of One Nation Life, and advises a diverse portfolio of businesses and initiatives working to create a more beautiful world. These include Kuya, aNUma, Green Carbon, A New Earth Project, and the Ka Foundation. She has facilitated embodied transformation for over 30 years on 5 continents and has presented at Esalen, IONS Institute, the Shift Network, Lightning in a Bottle, and more. Her first book, More Life, Please will be available in Spring 2023.


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