#22 – Collective Trauma Healing

We will have the pleasure to listen to our guest talk about:

  • Her biography: how growing up in South Africa and living during the Apartheid as a child and as a youngster contributed to the defining turning points in her life.
  • Collective trauma begins when a cataclysmic event happens and shatters the current perception of reality. It stays as a collective memory until it’s solved or buried deep down in our hearts. So, what is collective trauma in the first place and how can we recognize and accept it?
  • What made Kosha Joubert become aware that collective trauma is such a core topic? Examples of collective trauma and where it prevents us from really creating the change we want to see.
  • Core learnings from building the Global Ecovillage Network into a worldwide movement reaching out to over 6000 communities on all continents to guide them to a regenerative world.
  • Why is healing collective and intergenerational trauma of such core significance for us as humanity at this collective inflection point?
  • Please sketch the Pocket Project:
    • Where is it standing?
    • What are its contours, and processes?
    • Where do you see it going?
    • What would need to happen for the learnings to “infect” other parts of society?
  • We can imagine thousands of apocalyptic scenarios for the future, but we let that go for a second and we will attempt to imagine what can happen in the future if we follow a better path than now.


Kosha Anja Joubert

Kosha Anja Joubert serves as CEO of the Pocket Project, dedicated to restoring a fragmented world by addressing and healing personal, ancestral, and collective trauma.

She holds an MSc in Organisational Development, is an experienced facilitator, coach, and consultant, and has worked extensively in the fields of systems regeneration, intercultural collaboration, and trauma-informed leadership. Kosha grew up in South Africa under Apartheid and has been dedicated to transformational edgework ever since. She has authored several books and received the Dadi Janki Award (2017) for engaging spirituality in life and work and the One World Award (2020) for her work in building the Global Ecovillage Network into a worldwide movement reaching out to over 6000 communities on all continents.



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