#11 Investigating Building Blocks towards a Planetary Civilization

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” 

Marshall McLuhan


Julian Guderley did more than 300 podcasts with artists, industry leaders and philanthropreneurs in the planet’s regenerative movement on his podcast, GreenPlanet BluePlanet.

In today’s episode we are exploring:

  • The underlying assumptions and Theory of Change.
  • From social impact over spirituality and culture what’s the undercurrent that glues all these topics together?
  • What we’re your main aha moments during all these episodes?
  • What of all that you learned are the most important building blocks towards manifesting a planetary civilization?

Julian is a Media and Content Creator. He also works as a Host, Teacher and Transformational Coach. He is responsible for expanding the way we view and interact with the planet through the inspiring interviews he shares on his podcast, GreenPlanet BluePlanet. His engaging podcast episodes interview artists, industry leaders and philanthropreneurs in the planet’s regenerative movement. Highlighting the most impactful drivers of environmental and social change today. The 2020s are the decade of the REGENAISSANCE, of human innovation, for that we must choose this path every day. The Podcast is raising the topics of sustainability, regenerative economics, consciousness, spirituality, and symbiotic relationships with Nature, across Interest Groups and Economy.



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But this is not carved in stone. We can truly sense into the soul of a property and feel into what that space within its given surrounding really wants to serve for. And create the circumstances that enable a broad variety of stakeholders to cocreate a place full of abundance including the arts and take sustainability really to the next level.  

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#8 Facilitating large scale cultural change (#2)

How can we facilitate the many chrysalis cells for the emerging, regenerative paradigm that are so far often not connected, when already aligning groups is quite challenging? We truly need groups of groups that share a common North Star, all while they still pursue their own goals, obviously. This is an undertaking that has never been done before on a global scale. But we know leaps in history are possible, from the abolition of slavery, the women’s liberations movement, the end of Apartheid, the fall of the Berlin wall.

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#7 The Politics of Waking Up

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#6 Redefining Money, Value and Impact

We live in times where it is obvious that the current economic paradigm cannot uphold much longer. In this week’s session we are going to focus on very hands-on examples that redefine impact investing, to ensure that the human factor and wellbeing is counted in, as well as sense into intergenerational investment and new ways to create impact through multi-stakeholder relationships, breaking up the barrier between classical philanthropy and impact investing.

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#5 Debunking Meditation as a Panacea for Everything

We are living in a world where meditation has become a commodity and the spiritual market is booming. There is meditation for burn-out prevention, to alleviate stress, to make managers more successful, for better sleeping. It is sold as a panacea for roundabout everything. And exactly that we are going to debunk in this week’s episode.

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#45 – Planetary Commons & The Future of Network States

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