#3 Facilitating Large Scale Cultural Change

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” 


But what if we could facilitate culture to align with strategy instead to counterbalance that famous quote from management pioneer Peter Drucker?

To be able to “Facilitate Large Scale Cultural Change”, we need to embrace a healthy balance of feminine and masculine archetypes, lean into the unknown, and trust the evolutionary impulse running through us. 

This asks for hospizing the crumbling paradigm as to create fertile soil and nutrients for the regenerative future we all know in our hearts is possible.

Join Pamela von Sabljar – facilitator from the evolutionary edge, Jeff Genung, Managing Director of Prosocial World and Ross Hall, Co-Founder of The Weaving Lab and Learning Societies Co-Lead at Jacobs Foundation in this emerging dialogue.

We explore Eros as the driving force of life itself, unlocking the potential on the fringes of where ecosystems and ontologies meet:

  • What if we could invite more people into contemplative practice?
  • What if there was already a crucial mass of pioneers for the regenerative future we all wish for, and all it needs is helping to midwife it?
  • What if truly, listening from an embodied perspective where to unlock the biggest source of power – that precious space in between us, where the new is birthing into the present moment. From now, to now, to now.

Ross Hall

is Co-Founder of The Weaving Lab and Learning Societies Co-Lead at Jacobs Foundation. He has over 20 years of experience in building and executing strategies that help organisations expand, diversify, move into new spaces, adapt, and innovate. 

He has conceived, designed and grown more than 20 new ventures around the world, managed multi-disciplinary teams on six continents and in multiple sectors and worked extensively at board level with blue chip companies, small enterprises and not-for-profit.




Jeff Genung

is Managing Director, Chief Architect, and trustee of Prosocial World. A non-profit organization whose mission is to consciously evolve a world that works for all. 

He is also co-founder of Contemplative Life, a digital hub that connects people and communities with transformative practices, and co-founder of Transformation365.org, an experiential practice network. Most recently, he launched Prosocial Spirituality, a training and research initiative exploring the integration of evolutionary science and evolutionary spirituality. 

Jeff has spent decades as an entrepreneur and technology executive. He has created and managed partnerships with some of the world’s largest technology and retailing companies.

He is currently focused on exploring the integration of science and spirituality, the arts, and technology, with the aim of creating a more balanced and caring world for all.


Pamela von Sabljar

is a new breed speaker, facilitator and author working at the evolutionary edge. She espouses dialogue, sensing, creating and leading from this ever-emergent edge — which she calls Living from Eros. 

“Talk to someone, really talk to them, listen deeper, pay more attention, and you’ll notice _______ . In the space between there’s an emergence. There’s fresh information encoded there, within and between the relational fields. What shines forth, right here, that emergent creative intelligence, that evolutionary impulse … that’s Eros itself.” 

In addition to co-hosting the largest global Emergent Dialogue training in the world, she leads Next Level Facilitation masterclasses; hosts training on cutting edge sense-making platforms like Rebel Wisdom, Emerge Network, Foundation of Ekskäret. She is also a mentor for new paradigm leaders, Co-Initiator of the Nordic Women’s gathering, and a sacred Spanda Tantrika.

Pamela has over 20 years experience of leadership, personal development and behavioural science. Throughout her career, she has worked with the business and public sectors as well as private individuals, specialising in personal, group and organisational development and founded leadership programs in advanced self-awareness and self-leadership camps for youths aged 13-30.

She is the author of several books on self-development, gender equality and pedagogy as well as childrens’ books.


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