#2 Indigenous Wisdom & Cryptocurrencies

“Money, money, money

Must be funny

In the rich man’s world”

Abba (1976)


What if we could use money as a means to create a regenerative future?

Money is not something static. It’s a social construct and like any social construct it can be redesigned. 

In today’s episode we are going to debunk the boom on cryptocurrencies and shed a light on how to integrate indigenous wisdom into the very architecture and scaffolding of a cryptocurrency, together with Franz Josef Allmayer, Lead Ambassador for Seeds and Mila Aliana, senior consultant and indigenous elder.

We need to learn how to nuance and differentiate between just more casino capitalism gone haywire and the factual possibility of how we can actually bake wisdom, long termism, circularity and bioregionalism into a crypto currency.

We strongly believe that decentralized finance, complex voting and value creation mechanisms revolutionize the way we can organize in DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) and pave the way towards a regenerative economy. 

Foundational Concepts

Before we move into the very hands-on part to have a look at the projects and ecosystem, we are discussing some of the underlying concepts:

  • How can we move from Proof of Work or Proof of Stake to a Proof of Contribution, so as to be able to align our financial system to the nature of what is really out there.
  • How can we use the power of decentralized finance to create a post scarcity world using token economics?
  • How can we bake sacredness, love, long termism into a cryptocurrency?
  • How can we be in harmony with ourselves, with nature and with spirit, reflecting on the Indonisian indigenous principle of Tri Hita Karana?

Hands-on Projects

  • We are running through the core of where Seeds as an ecosystem is standing with some of the core metrics of the dashboard (https://joinseeds.earth/dashboard). 
  • Imagine you as a citizen could not only be part of the monetary system you create but actually vote on the crucial underlying architecture, scaffolding and the deployment of your money. 
  • For the first time ever, we can design a monetary system from scratch, using metrics and the power of the collective intelligence and wisdom inherent in the group.
  • Seeds is currently in the phase of roll-out and scale already operating with more than 600 organizations. The scaling of the endeavor is not thought of as linear, as we are uploading whole ecosystems with sometimes dozens, sometimes hundreds of organizations per ecosystem attached to it.

Call to Action

  • You can start today and become a visitor at https://joinseeds.earth 
  • As we all have a role to play and a unique gift to share, welcome to show your own proof of contribution and become a citizen. 

Franz Josef Allmayer

is a universal citizen with cultural roots in Austria and Guatemala. These contrasting yet complementary perspectives allowed him to question existing cultural paradigms built on scarcity from an early age. Dedication to the fields of innovation and integral development has enabled Franz to gather transdisciplinary experience working with international organizations, governments, the private sector, NGOs, and academia. This process allowed him to recognize pervading patterns and embrace a whole-systems approach to development that effectively provides value towards the whole system.

Recognizing the need to unite fragmented efforts towards a co-creative development process that effectively addresses the challenges of today, motivates Franz to create tools, processes, and on-the-ground collaborations to serve the sustenance of bioregional economies of abundance. 

He serves as a co-creator at Integrity Earth, a digital venture cooperative with seat in Liechtenstein; SEEDS, a financial ecosystem and digital currency designed to facilitate and empower the regenerative renaissance; Hypha, a human-centered DAO building the tools to facilitate humanity’s transition to a globally regenerative and thriving civilization; COOPAEP, a digital cooperative bank; Original Voice Trust, a Swedish Trust fund leveraging state of the art structured finance vehicles to fund the Transition towards a regenerative civilization. 

In his playtime, you can find Franz tinkering with ancient-future technologies and weaving together a growing network of more than 600 organizations — all of which align around a shared vision for change. He is passionate about cultivating trust and collaboration at a local, national, and bioregional level, interconnecting to form a decentralized global network for peer-to-peer exchanges. Leveraging the tools of cooperation and coordination to give value to multiple forms of capital he enjoys contributing to integrated impulses towards genuine transformation.

Mila Aliana

As a senior consultant, Mila has delivered a portfolio of transformational change programs for multinationals across diverse sectors, industries and cultures. She has extensive experience in complex and systemic change and social innovations within businesses, institutions, governments, and communities. 

Currently, as a catalyst of change, alchemist, and guardian of life, she works with pioneers of the heart, change agents, regenerative and ecovillage practitioners, activists and indigenous peoples.  For a couple years now, she has also been designated as an emissary to a global circle of indigenous elders.

The collective intention of the human mycellium collaboration and ecosystem is to explore, experiment, and re-member a way of being in all aspects of life hat is more aligned to how nature/ living systems/ life works and regenerates within its organic lifecycle, shifting from survival (fear and scarcity) to relational living (love, abundance and interbeingness) at embodied and cellular levels, from me to we and more-than-human we. 

She stands for all life forms. Nature has evolved since the beginning of time. It has immense wisdom and is life’s teacher. 

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