#31 – Tabula Rasa Ventures

The notion is that the huge demand for psychedelic experiences comes with a lot of second and third-order effects and unintended consequences. To name but a few: Psychedelic tourism leads to endangering the very species the ceremonies rely on, and a lot of the sacred medicines, from Ayahuasca to Peyote are threatened by extinction. The psychedelic sacraments are in danger in consumerist societies being abused instead of unlocking their potential. 

  • Why psychedelics at all? Why do we think a focus on legalizing psychedelics has a crucial role to play in the omni-crises we face?
  • Why did you choose the name Tabula Rasa Ventures?
  • The ecosystem from Tabula Rasa Ventures, Energia Foundation, and Psyched Conference.
  • How do we make sure to give back to the indigenous communities, where ultimately most of the knowledge is conserved?
  • How do you make sure you don’t create just another wave of extractive business models that usurp the healing potential and make way for business à la Big Pharma?
  • Where is the biggest potential in the market?
  • Define the coordination challenge – and why and how that is linked to collective healing and solving the largest existential threats, and why that links to psychedelics.
  • Finally, a question that I’ve already asked a couple of times in the podcast: What can we do to prevent spiritual bypassing, spiritual materialism, and spiritual narcissism? Especially in the last years, instead of people getting “rid” of their egos, I see supercharged egos, using micro-dosing to quench the last bit of efficiency and genius in work life.

Marik Hazan

is an engineer, advocate, entrepreneur, and investor who has worked across “counter-culture” industries. He founded the first incubator focused on psychedelic startups and runs the world’s largest psychedelics conference, Psyched. He is the founding partner of Tabula Rasa Ventures, the premiere accelerator fund for early-stage psychedelic companies, and is the CEO of Energia Holdings Inc., an organization building the future of health by turning healthcare’s blindspots into preventative care solutions.



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