#43 – Moving Mountains: Sacred Plant Medicine, Psychospiritual Integration & Social Change that Honors Life

Millions of people use plant medicine every year under various circumstances. Little focus is often taken on how to integrate and embody these visionary states into everyday life. 

It’s my great pleasure to be in this virtual room together with Dr. Katherine Coder, who is working in this field for over 10 years. 

There’s three main areas of focus that we will touch upon in this episode:

  1. How do we best integrate plant medicine after the ceremony ends?
  2. What role does trauma play in integration?
  3. The intersection of spiritual awakening and social change.

Like always in my podcast series, and handing over to you:

What are the pivotal biographical moments that made you the human being that you are and show up with your purpose in the way you do?

When the Ceremony ends: How do we best integrate plant medicine?

  • Psychedelics are very seductive! Introducing Visionary Plant Medicine Integration: Power and Pitfalls
  • How much ceremony is too much ceremony? And, when is ceremony not the best next step?
  • If your shaman is not from your culture or local to you, what can you do to integrate after a ceremony? Who do you turn to? Especially highlighting the differences in traditional and “western/integrated/neo-shamanic settings”
  • What do you do when ceremony reveals trauma? How can you find and trust the “right guides” with a trauma informed background.
  • What kind of support do you need post-ceremony to help yourself fully heal? 
  • How can you ground your work with visionary plants and walk the teachings in your daily life? Especially focus on psychospiritual discipline and practices.

What role does trauma play in integration?

  • somatically informed and trained facilitators
  • bringing the visionary state back into soma to be fully embodied, importance of working with dissociation and gently shifting out of the trauma-based identity
    • Example – deep sense of something being “wrong” with me
    • Archetypal death-rebirth cycle
  • Sharing some of your own healing practice & offerings

The intersection of spiritual awakening and social change

  • Promotion of Compassionate Action in Premodernity: Indigenous traditions, The Axial Age, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions, Indian religious traditions: Hinduism and Buddhism, Ancient Greek traditions
  • Moving Toward the Interdependence of Social Action and Spirituality & Reconsidering the path of spiritual development
  • Contemporary Socially Engaged Spirituality
    • Social action as a spiritual practice
    • Varieties of socially engaged spirituality
  • How can we ensure that all these peak experiences people get do not further spiritual narcissism? 

Dr. Katherine Coder

is an awakener of evolutionary potential and a guide to remember one’s birthright and soul essence. She weaves the ancient wisdom into the now, serving as a vessel for the Divine Feminine in modern times. She holds the form and the formless, facilitating the integration of the known with the unknown.

Her transformative work connects body, mind, heart and Soul and seeks to meet each person as and where they are in the journey of life. Her stance is to recognize the fundamental Truth in each person, honor them as that Truth, and begin the work that needs to be done to bring a person to this essential nature.

Her specialties include trauma resolution, attachment challenges, codependency, childhood and family wounding, women’s work, and motherhood. From a transpersonal perspective she helps her clients with deeper awakenings and integrations. She brings together Western clinical psychology, Eastern spiritual teachings, indigenous wisdom, and the continuous cultivation of the deep feminine in the world.

She has taught lunar wisdom, elemental wisdom, herbal plant wisdom, elements of ceremony, and facilitated women’s work, council circles, workshops, retreats, year-long women’s feminine spirituality schools, and transformative book clubs.


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