#39 Paving the Path for a Sustainable Planet

When I look back at the last 38 episodes, quite a lot of them focus on the lever that money has. Money makes the world go round, as the saying goes. So, before we dive deeper into the nitty-gritty of impact investing – and the why, how, and through what you make a difference, I want to start with the human being, Alessa Berg.

  • Who are you as a person, what do you care about, and why are you building what you’re building?
  • Let’s reverse your journey. So, where are you standing now, beyond Top Tier Impact with ESG360 and the upcoming series on Gaia TV?
  • Please share with us your personal journey that led you into the realm of impact investing. What was your initial spark of interest, and how did you nurture it into your current career?
  • What is Top Tier Impact? How do you differentiate it from other networks of impact investors? What is your personal vision behind the creation of Top Tier Impact? How does it align with the wider objectives of sustainable and socially responsible investing?
  • Where do you see the market for impact investing currently? In this context, do you see yourself more as a market-maker, or as an adopter? 
  • How do you address the issue of ESG criteria sometimes being used as greenwashing instruments in impact investing? What steps can we take to prevent this?
  • Please highlight some of the investments you have made, especially those that have had significant systemic leverage across sectoral boundaries?
  • Why do you believe that impact investing is crucial for the transition towards a planetary civilization, particularly at this critical juncture in human history?
  • Can you shed some light on the potential you see in Blockchain and DLT for enhancing the transparency, accountability, and impact of your investments?

Alessa Berg 

is an entrepreneur, investor, and active board member of several companies. Swiss-born and fluent in six languages, Alessa created her first business at eleven years old, and has been investing in the blockchain and biotech sectors since graduating from Oxford University in 2012. After covering products at early-stage technology startups, Alessa worked in private equity at Blackstone, and in venture capital at Mosaic Ventures. She’s the youngest member of her Oxford degree’s advisory board. 

Alessa is the co-founder of ESG360, a climate and ESG risk management SaaS platform that enables its enterprise clients to quantify the financial impact of climate and ESG factors, then take strategic decisions on that basis.

Alessa also founded Top Tier Impact (TTI) to accelerate the mainstream adoption of impact and sustainability. TTI has become the global ecosystem of leaders focused on the critical issues of our time, present across more than 45 countries. For Alessa and TTI, “impact” represents a positive paradigm shift towards a sustainable, equal and joyous society.




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