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Prosocial World is a non-profit organization that facilitates cultural evolution – following proven empirical science.

Let’s start with something we have all experienced. We invest time in a strategic partnership but besides the good intentions and a signed LOI the synergy does not really click in.
This is often due to the fact that the healthy egoism in one group outcompetes the altruism towards collaborating with another group. But the interaction in between groups of groups works completely different. Here clearly the collective intelligence of the group aligning towards a joint common goal outcompetes the egoism within the group trying to get „a bigger share“. This is called multi-level selection.

What we need is a cultural change technique that allows for large cohorts of groups to align for a common goal. And this is precisely where Prosocial comes in. It combines the wisdom of how to govern the commons – boiled down into 8 core design principles – from Elinor Ostrom’s Nobel Prize on Economics awarded work on how to govern the commons, with the empirically proven Behavioral Act and Change model, that already changed the way millions of people improve their lives.

Prosocial World, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is rolling out the work already implemented in 34 countries, with more than 500 facilitators trained.
We are searching for strategic partnerships across sectors, ranging from non-profit, to hybrid social entrepreneurial endeavors to for profit partnerships with major corporations.
We already are collaborating with a broad range of organizations such as Sociocracy, Doughnut Economics, The Transition Network, Boston Consulting Group and Shopify.
Join us as a strategic partner or as a funder.

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