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What is Holochain?

An application framework

Holochain is an open-source framework for creating peer-to-peer applications that are secure, reliable, and fast. Instead of depending on servers, Holochain applications connect user devices directly to each other in secure networks. This gives users the best of both worlds — the autonomy and availability of locally installed software, with the power and redundancy of cloud software. Application developers, in turn, no longer have to maintain and pay for cloud hosting.


Holochain takes an agent-centric approach, putting you at the center of your computing experience. This isn’t just a pleasant-sounding philosophy; it’s actually how it’s built. Applications run on your device, creating self-owned identities and data. Open programming interfaces ensure you always have access, while consent-based permission control protects you from unauthorized use.

Encrypted, peer-to-peer network

Applications are more powerful when they connect you with others. Each Holochain application creates its own encrypted peer-to-peer network between you and the other users. This means nothing can co-opt, control, or shut down your communications.

Mutual accountability

Finally, online safety is ensured by mutual accountability. Each piece of data has a cryptographic audit trail connected to its author, and every user helps enforce shared application rules and identify bad actors. Meanwhile, Holochain’s ‘subconscious’ responds to identified threats and adapts to network failures, making the experience safe and reliable.


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