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building an ecology of change to cocreate our future

The number of humans living on earth is growing rapidly. According to the statistician Hans Rosling we might reach a maximum number of 12 billion people by 2050. This prognosis leaves us with the question as to how 12 billion people will be able to peacefully coexist on and with this planet. While no one can predict if this is possible at all, the Cocreation Foundation believes that we have no other chance than to face this challenge: to create a world of mutuality and coexistence in peace, health, freedom and ecological abundance for all and everything. In order to achieve this goal we firmly believe that we must develop a new cultural technique of cocreation.

Humans have invented and adopted many cultural techniques throughout their evolution: the use of fire, iron and the development of agriculture. Humanity has learned to write and read. We developed democracy and human rights, we invented automation and industrialisation, and we are in the process of an all-encompassing digitalisation. While some of these cultural techniques are still not implemented or embraced in all parts of the world, and some are questionable or even at the core of the biggest challenges we will face, it is through these cultural techniques that humans have evolved to become the most potent force in altering environments and in changing the face of the earth. Now, at the time this human power has also become the greatest threat to our survival and to the survival of life on earth itself, we, of the Cocreation Foundation believe that it is through us and our ability to consciously cocreate, that we can change course to a direction that heads toward a situation where humans and the earth can peacefully coexist and flourish.