Cocreation Foundation






May 2019 - December 2020


Strategy, Networking, Positioning

The mission of Cocreation Foundation is to map, develop, test and establish the cultural technique of cocreation for better global governance. Our Theory of Change describes why, how and what we are doing to achieve our mission:

Governance processes urgently need an update on a regional, national and transnational level to tackle challenges like climate change, plastic in the oceans or effectively fight pandemics like the Corona crisis.

The Global Resonance Project is the first project of Cocreation Foundation. It is a field and action research project to analyse the deeper, underlying patterns of cocreation that unite all the different methodologies and processes of the various pioneers, research institutions and activists. The such ways generated understanding creates a peer-reviewed standard for consciously designing cocreative processes for better, up-to-date global governance.

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