since August 2018



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Rise by lifting others

Maanch is a platform matching donors and charities to enable effective giving and receiving through promoting transparency and impact measurement.

We recognise the importance of impact measurement in the philanthropic sector to promote trust and  transparency. Donors are looking to see tangible change through their charitable giving, and the sector needs to respond.

We are pioneers in effective philanthropy, and hold charities to account for the efficiency and outcomes of their projects.

Historically, the opaque nature of philanthropic giving, and the lack of a universal language and metrics to define impact has hindered the progress of charities and NGOs.

Using the SDGs as key impact metrics, as well as providing detailed project breakdowns and information on non-profits, we encourage intelligent grant-making, effective communication, and diligent performance.

Initially we are launching in the UK, using the 168,000 UK registered charities as our recipient cohort. We are engaging businesses and individuals to transact and monitor their donations through the platform, with a soft launch in September 2018 at the House of Lords, and at the UN in New York. We have chosen the UK as our pilot market due to its strong existing philanthropy sector, and as the work of UK charities spreads all over the world; the impact is global.