building virtuous relationships

Most people overestimate what they can achieve in one year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years.

Building strategic relationships takes time. And bold endeavors that challenge the status quo take time. 

I work on a retainer & equity basis. Fees or commissions on the multiple capitals I exchange depend on the circumstances. I create access to monetary capital, high-level relationships or intellectual property. 

I identify together with you and your organization the key leverage points to kick-start and scale your endeavor. 

You invest in my independence and in the ecosystem I’m creating to catalyze radical systemic change.

I turn the buzz on and get things done.  

What's the offer?

Non-Executive Advisory & Ecosystem Weaver


I scan your ecosystem, market positioning, target audiences. We find the key acupuncture points that are needed to make your endeavor succeed. 

I work on a sprint basis, connecting your organization with other stakeholders that I scout, contact and pro-actively weave into your ecosystem.

I role up my sleeves, get things done, turn the buzz on for a pitch, create a prototype with you or organize formats to align the relevant stakeholders.

This could look like:

  • provide a cluster of the most valuable contacts in your sector
  • design and host small to medium-size group formats
  • pro-actively making new contacts on your behalf
  • finding the right team members
  • scouting members for your Advisory Board
  • designing, planning, bootstrapping and executing a prototype
  • organizing and hosting a sounding board and focus groups across silos and disciplines to challenge your business model, niche, assumptions

The retainers are matched to the needs of your organization. 

What makes this offer unique

Relationship building needs time, trust and not overly commodifying the connection.

Call it agent, broker or networker, at the core of my business model is building virtuous relationships that don’t compromise on the values we share to manifest a planetary civilization.


Welcome to arrange for a meeting with me to get to know each other.


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All prices are net prices, thus add a 19% VAT on top if you book and are resident within the European Union.

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