Radical Protection


we've been waiting for. It's now up to us to steer and transform the organizations, to transmute the super-organism we are part of. Nobody else will do it for us but us.

You are most probably one of the lucky few on planet Earth to have the resources, the time, the education, the capabilities and the will of wanting to live up to your highest potential.

That involves an utter responsibility for all sentient beings and also for all seemingly non-sentient entities. We are all one. We cannot divide a single thing in the universe without changing the whole web of existence.

If you don’t know it yet with every cell of your body, you will grasp it some day. In a way it’s so obvious that our minds tend to search for some deeper level of understanding. But there isn’t any.


You have known it since you were a small child. So get your shit together, take the help you need, grow yourself up to your next level of grandness, take the hands of your companions. Let’s change almost everything we‘ve taken for granted for better, healthier, saner and more just versions of what we see and feel in our present consensus reality.

Another world is not only possible, it is deeply needed and cannot be built by the underprivileged. On a silent day – and maybe with a fellow warrior or goddess of light – you can feel it unfolding already. No excuses here.


The challenges seem burdening, the collective armageddon might lurk around the corner, but you and me are in charge of now changing every bit and piece of the puzzle. At best we have a lot of fun, meet amazing people and steer meaningful projects while radically protecting Mother Earth.

Sacred activism calls for healing the stigma of the left-winged political secular counterculture. I call for merging personal development to have psycho-spiritually sane, healthy and vibrant activists and not see them burn out. The stakes seem unsurmountable, the challenges ahead I won’t depict. We know them all too well. It’s not about negating them but deciding which pictures and narratives we want to nurture inside and outside ourselves. Only when we learn to tell between our personal and collective burdens we can rise as  shining warriors and goddesses of light to really help transform the planet.


In “How Soon is Now” Daniel Pinchbeck beautifully sketches out our need of personal initiations for global transformation. Consensus reality, contemporary mainstream culture lacks initiations rituals. But just under a thin coating actually a lot of neo-shamanic rituals take place merging wisdom traditions. In all metropolitan regions you see a new international Sangha emerging where it’s natural that Zen meets Ayahuasca, family constellation work meets sweat lodges, sexological bodywork meets Acro-Yoga.

We have all of the world’s wisdom traditions just right in front of us.
With the spiritual market booming and a confusing variety of offers what you need is a clear compass. After a 20 year long journey of personal development I know many healers, shamans, therapists myself and can serve as a guide for your personal transformation