Radical Love


The central piece of the Lord's prayer penetrated my yearning heart in early childhood. It's not for nothing that it's actually the first tattoo I got.

Compassion has become a somewhat trendy word. But there’s something very serious about it. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. You of course know this saying from the Bible. But have you ever thoroughly contemplated on it?

Is it possible to love fellow humans and other sentient beings around you without loving yourself? And what does that mean on a deeper level? Loving yourself is only possible if you bear the paradox of radically accepting and honoring every bit and piece inside you (yes, also the more awkward aspects of you) and nevertheless take responsibility to clean up your personal mess. Once you are through with that you will feel the necessity of showing up as the best version of yourself, thus serving for solutions to the manifold collective challenges ahead.

That involves dedicating yourself to a lifelong compassionate personal development and being open to constant change. That is not an empty phrase. I dare proclaim that radically loving yourself is the doorway to living up to your highest potential and sharing your unique gifts with your surrounding. Then His will and your will shall merge into life, then – while sharing your talents – your actions will be aligned with your highest purpose.


At this point I want to share with you Sri Aurobindo’s vision of “Life Divine” in my own words.

Isn’t it in a way crazy that since the dawning of mankind organized religions have always postponed divinity to afterlife? And isn’t it equally insane to destroy our beautiful planet despite all the progress of modern secular culture? Why not establish a divine life here on planet earth, in piece and harmony with all living creatures?



Only if we are bold enough to have a clear vision of a world without war, poverty, famines, plagues, a world in harmony between the sexes, feeling and breathing the all permeating unity of existence, then and only then can we start building a new paradigm for our human family that renders the old one obsolete.

I want to encourage you to discover yourself, shining so brightly as to burn your own reluctances, embrace your contradictions, love yourself until you pour over with joy.