Radical Consciousness

Self Inquiry

For roundabout 14 years I've kept inquiring into the question "Who am I" and so far I've found no one.

Have you ever inquired into who you are?

Who is this you?

Is there something or someone behind the curtain of an apparently endless stream of thoughts and emotions?

Have you come to distinguish between the different aspects of your personality, the sometimes seemingly contradictory voices in your head and emotions in your heart? How would it feel if you found yourself to be the conductor of all the different aspects of yourself?

Do you take utter responsibility for what and how you are feeling? Are you aware that you are creating your thoughts and emotions?

Is it possible for you to grasp a perspective within which all these passing events float and yet you are just witnessing them?

Dive into this tiny gem of wisdom for just five minutes and you will grasp eternity.
Though, I may add with a smile, you will not be able to “hold eternity”.


As being spiritual has become somewhat trendy we often encounter a “Spiritual Bypassing” – meaning that mainstream has hijacked the fluffy, nice to have and shiny aspects of spirituality (just look at all the sexy yoga advertisements). The dark side of your psyche and the complex interpersonal realms are mostly left out.

Have you ever met a close friend of yours that has adopted that esoteric smile albeit you conceive of her rather sitting on a volcano of unprocessed emotions?

Well that’s exactly what bypassing means, sugar coating your shadow aspects.


Establishing an Integral Life Practice demands for you to take care of your body, mind, spirit (soul) and shadow. That will probably involve at some time some therapeutical work at best involving some third person (healer, shaman, therapist) who can have a fresh and neutral look at your system, spot your Achilles heel and give you advice, techniques and an appropriate surrounding to untie your knots, carefully one after another. Being successful in the inner world takes as much time, energy, resources and dedication as success in the outer world.

This one I consider a must read for anybody interested in deep spirituality.