Radical Connection


It’s now up to us to unite as families of choice, bound together not by blood but by values, intrinsically motivated by the overarching narrative of the great turning.

From the perspective of deep time, modernity is nothing but a speck of dust. For 99 percent of human evolution we have been living in larger social compounds. We are born tribal beings.

Many of us heretics still dwell in our private universes, fighting for our own noble yet narrow causes. We need to unite, very concretely around projects to scale our efforts and ensure exponential change in every walk of life. We are already many more than we think.

Uniting with other fellows for the same cause will nourish the longings in your heart. When we are connected on a soul level, we are one as a tribe – even if we do not live closely together.


The tribe you are hanging out with, consciously or unconsciously infuses you with a world of meaning, images and emotions.

You’d better be careful with whom you are spending your time. The ages old Buddhist paradigm of the Sangha is newsworthy.

I want to encourage you to reflect upon the people you spend most time with at work and in your private life. Do they really reflect your innermost longings, do they challenge and nurture you to express the highest manifestation of yourself? Maybe it’s time to cut some ties and boost yourself with some fresh input? You know yourself how deeply fulfilling soul companionship is. If you have the right fellows around you, perfect. If not, follow the longing in your heart and meet the ones that really touch you.

It needs a strong commitment to shed a skin that no longer serves you. After all not only you as an individual but we as a collective are composed of various layers. Like all systems we strive for homeostasis, in times of change it’s unavoidable to go through pain, stay in the fire to establish a more evolved version of yourself.



I’m bowing in gratitude to all the shiny souls around me. I want to invite you to take my hand and let me introduce you to companions on a soul level. Together with your tribe you can manifest your wildest dreams and live a life fulfilled with ecstasy, rooted in your longing, centred in your values.

My life’s vision hasn’t really changed since I was 25 and I’m sharing it with many of my peers. I want to build and live in a community of likeminded people – sharing common values, caring for our children, enjoying the best of remote country life and being able to commute to a city nearby.

The places that scare you are most probably quite similar to the ones we are all frightened by, war, terror, genocide, the destruction of Mother Earth. Practice can teach us how to stay present nonetheless. This is vital to be able to share our gifts and not shrink our being.