March 2019 - December 2019




connecting the leaders of tribes for leveraging radical systemic change towards regenerative cultures

In a moment of multi crises, we need agents of change coming together committed to radically leveraging our impact. We need self-organized, context-specific, co-created, emerging solutions.

This comes with the premise, that only when we commit to deep inner work together, we can create a save vessel for radical systemic change.

We need to join experts for outer transformation (i.e. social entrepreneurs, impact investors, sustainability researchers, activists) with experts for inner transformation (i.e. yoga teachers, shamans, constellation workers, therapists) so that these two worlds become one, that the twelve tribes join forces, that they learn and grow together.

Our inner and outer worlds are not two unrelated domains. We live in a complex system. Everything within this system is relational. Our inner worlds create our outer worlds as much as our outer worlds create our inner worlds. By holding on to the distinction, we hold on to a world as it is.

The pivotal point for merging the outer and the inner and leveraging its potential, is the high-performant online Meta-Sangha-App, that is not just a Social Network, post Cambridge Analytica, but a Social Organism that allows a relational way of Discussions, Forums, Live Streams, Webinars and Sub-Groups, thus enabling people to come together offline for conferences, retreats and immersive learning journeys to empower action.

Welcome to Meta-Sangha, the place where you connect to people that are devoted to a radical new way of knowing, being and doing.