Branding, Consulting & Creating

Rapidly changing market surroundings make it indispensable to time and again adjust your business model to ensure longterm success.

Whereas consultants often just come up with some fancy ideas on some ideation workshop I stick with you making sure we implement the findings within your organization. That often involves working together with you core team within fluid environments, together with freelancers that I scout for you, providing a non-local workflow and monitoring it, sketching out, calculating and executing prototypes or extending your products or services for new target audiences.

Finding unlikely allies and building alliances, crossing disciplines and methods is not about hijacking you with some fancy hashtags but ensuring that – while keeping overhead costs low – innovation thrives. So you can successfully implement, test and thus verify innovation within the niches you want to tackle.

How I do this

Given the right values that bind us together I love to forge creative solutions and boil down the complex factors to steer your project to success.

  1. 1. Sketching your business case with the Business Model Canvas
  2. 2. Calculating your investment, break even, liquidity, return on investment
  3. 3. Having worked 14 years within SME environments I know how to allocate money for maximum impact
  4. 4. Finding freelancers for the task required

  1. 5. Building, leading and monitoring a team for a specific project
  2. 6. Having worked within Corporate Social Responsibility gives me a thorough understanding of the market’s development and allow me to consult you on a strategic level
  3. 7. Prototyping your next level business and have a sounding board check for realistic delivery
  • I’ve cherished Alistair’s scrutiny, his lateral thinking, delivery on the job and creative problem solving in the various functions he held as editor in charge and head of marketing in the five years of establishing up Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften from scratch, from 2007-2012. He was building a solid data base of 2.500 international b2b contacts via cold calls and direct acquisitions on trade fairs as well as representing the magazine to stakeholders in the field of corporate social responsibility, politics and non-profit at various events.

    Fritz Lietsch
    Founder and CEO Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

    Alistair is a wake and resourceful companion while developing, realizing and putting to market new projects. He’s always been able to respond with a perspective that spurs the overall process. His network and ideas have been proven of high value. His heart, guts and brain are well connected and he shines with flexibility, creativity and is always able to communicate complex issues in a fun and condensed way.

    Joachim Kamphausen
    Founder and CEO of Kamphausen.Media

    Alistair has been of great help structuring business, finding solutions and above all – reducing complexity on all levels. We are very happy to welcome him as a member of our international team. His kindness, total reliability and sensitivity makes it a joy to work with him and brings a lot of peace even in times of overwhelm.

    Alexandra Feldner
    Founder & Co- Director - FemmeQ & the Flourish Initiative